“We’re expecting 16 kittens for this Kittenpalooza,” Allison Manz, a staff member for Tiny Lions, said.

Kittenpalooza was a special adoption event hosted by Tiny Lions on Friday, October 5th. From 1-5pm over a dozen kittens were available for adoption.

By the end of the event all 16 kittens had been adopted.

“I’m a volunteer here so I’ve been super excited and waiting for this event,” Brandon, adopter of two kittens, said.

Brandon adopted one male and one female.

“Harley (the female) has such a beautiful, unique pattern. And Big Blue (the male) is super sweet. They’re both so sweet,” Brandon said.

Each kitten, like people, was different. Some were sleepy while others were full of energy and ready to play with the adopters.

Before anyone can adopt they first had to fill out a survey, the first of five stations during this event. This survey allowed the staff and volunteers to see if the adopter is fit for the kitten.

The second station was picking out a kitten. All of the kittens were placed in the event room to separate them from the older cats.

“We do this to protect their immune systems,” Alexandra, foster mom of seven kittens, said.

Upper respiratory infections are incredibly contagious among kittens. They need to get many vaccinations and eventually go into surgery to get fixed. These kittens need strong immune systems to combat any future complications.

As another precaution, each kitten is swaddled in a cloth before being placed in the arms of adopters.

Sean, another adopter who had visited Tiny Lions before, heard about the event online.

“She (the kitten) was playful and social with her cage mates. She took a liking to me,” Sean said.

Tiny Lions is a lounge and adoption center that has been partnered with the Humane Society of Huron Valley since opening in May 2016.

While this was adoption event, Tiny Lions is always open for people to pet, play, and love the older cats.

Almost 700 cats have been adopted through Tiny Lions.

Cat cafes grew in popularity in the mid 2000’s; however, this concept isn’t as new as it seems. The first cat cafe was opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998 and soon grew to be a tourist hotspot. This idea exploded in Japan between 2004 and 2010 and 79 were opened in this country alone.

The first cat cafe to open in the USA was in Silver Lake, California in 2014. Michigan soon followed the trend and opened one in 2015. A year later, Tiny Lions found its home in Ann Arbor.

The cat cafe is not the only furry fad. Yoga with cats began to grow around 2016 not long after the cafes made their mark. Tiny Lions turned their lounge into an all-in-one experience by bringing yoga classes to the location on Thursdays and Sundays.

Tiny Lions also features events such as trivia, coloring, and movies, all with cats. For the pet owner or wilderness explorer they also feature an class in animal photography.

Tiny Lions has a 20 person capacity limit to ensure the cats are comfortable and not overwhelmed.

“We’re always busier on the weekends but the week days are slower. If you’re looking for a quiet place to work and get more one-on-one time with the cats that’s the best time to go,” Manz said.