Blog Post 2/5 Response

“News overload/burnout. How do you filter your news feed? What do you pay attention to and why? How do you know you are overloaded?  How do you stay informed but not get burned out? What is a positive about all the available news sites? Do headlines attract your attention or do you just go to a particular place to see what you want? How is the barrage of information helping and hurting journalism?”

There isn’t a filter in my eyes. If there is a story that seems sketchy I either fact check it by looking up other articles or I ignore the topic until I find something else to verify the accuracy. News is fact.

I mostly pay attention to stories that stir a reaction in me whether it be positive or negative. If my “newsfeed” becomes over saturated with hard news stories I would dilute the seriousness with light hearted feature stories. This helps prevent an overload or a burnout.

A burnout when it comes to journalism is when life becomes too serious or depressing. Our society struggles with “mean world syndrome” which is the perception that the world is more dangerous than it statistically is. I try not to fall victim by following the sweeter stories that bring me joy because the world isn’t always dark if you chose the light.

With all of the news sites available I can hop around to verify facts or switch gears to a different topic quickly and easily. If there’s a headline that grabs my attention I’ll read further into the article and if not I know I can find one somewhere else.

This barrage of information helps the public find information; however, it is not all accurate. This hurts journalism by showing the public not all journalists are trust worthy. If you become a journalists your goal should be to present the truth and nothing less.

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