Reaction: Crowdsourcing

“In Search of Best Practices for Journalistic Crowdsourcing,” by Kira Furuichi and Isabel Seidel is a breakdown of what crowdsourcing is and how it works. I personally never understood how this process worked until reading this article. Keeping in mind what the original intention of your article is key and something I need to work on because I want to write about everything I learn. I’m typically more inspired to do something if there is a reward; however, I never thought about how this applies to journalism. I didn’t know there are so many forms of incentives or that the consumer gaining knowledge could be an incentive. While technology has become a primary source of communication I prefer face-to-face conversations. In my mind, the more you are personally present the more someone is willing to open up their personal life to you. There are websites like Google News Lab and Grasswire that are sources for journalist around the world but I prefer Google News Lab because of all the tools available.